Social Media Coordinator 

With over 850 employees dispersed throughout 15 studios, Woods Bagot is a global architecture and design studio that continually expands and challenges the expectations of multidisciplinary practice in a shifting, fast-moving digital era.


My Role:

-Introduce and implement a content strategy and a posting schedule.
- Identifying goals and KPIs.
- Execute campaigns to enhance visibility and cultivate an engaged audience.
-Showcase firm culture by highlighting noteworthy employee and studio initiatives and accomplishments.
- Generate inbound traffic for the firm’s website.
- Report social media performance metrics on a regular basis using digital analytics and media tracking tools.
- Oversee scheduling tailored to each social channel’s audience.

- Made it to the top ten of "100 most followed Australian architecture firms" published by The Vanity Project.
- Increased social engagement on LinkedIn from an average of 1% to an average of 3%.
- Increased our website users coming from social with additional +1-2,000 unique users every month. An increase of 102% YoY.
- Increased following growth with +10,000 unique new followers within the first 3 months (17,000 within 5).
- Condensed, on average, 4 research documents every month regarding current social media trends and other relevant digital communication for the firm.
- Increased average monthly active users on Facebook by 200% within 6 months.
- Increased monthly page views with 100% on Glassdoor.

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