Being involved in a project discussing food waste I found some scary numbers, I mean,

Did you know that all food waste accounts for about 8% of global climate pollution?

And we're not even talking about the transportation, the ridiculous amount of food we eat in western...

When it comes to analyzing sound in film and other commercial environments It’s hard not to mention the differences when it comes to men and female communication. Much compared to the hero and outlaw, we use different story techniques to convey gender roles. Besides fr...

The 8th of March we globally celebrate Women's day - But have you ever thought of why?

Well, you can say that it started in the late 1800- early 1900 as national and international organizations globally formed to coordinate efforts to gain voting rights for females. The...

#metoo is not only a global hashtag. It's our lives.

It's about keys being held tightly in shivering hands. It's a strangers voice penetrating your ears. It's an arm that's stronger than you. That arm that later captures your waist when you rather go home. It's about be...

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October 26, 2017

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